Varna, Business Center "Evksinograd" bul. Knqz Boris 1 296

Phone number:

0895 26 46 96

The residence, located near the city of Varna, is the perfect place for the individual to escape from the big city and enjoy fresh air and peace. This is what we wanted the overall feeling to be in the interior of this home – calm and soft.

Again, we stayed true to ourselves and combined the needs and visions of the client with our understanding and feelings about the specific space.

On the first level, the house has a large entrance hall, a bathroom, a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a utility room. And on the second floor, the owners enjoy a large bedroom with a spacious bathroom and a closet.

The high ceiling in the living area and the kitchen contributed to our inspiration when working on this project. We found the sloped ceiling in the second level bedroom to be a great architectural feature that helped us to more successfully express our vision for the energy of the house. We aimed to create an extravagant fusion of interior styles to contribute to a harmonious and dynamic atmosphere.

The symbiosis between muted coziness and vivid boldness in details and textures bring a sense of authenticity and timelessness.

Family house, Zvezditsa Village
200 sq.m
In development
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