Varna, Business Center "Evksinograd" bul. Knqz Boris 1 296

Phone number:

0895 26 46 96

We present a different project, where we as designers stepped out of our comfort zone and challenged ourselves. The apartment is located in an old building and underwent a complete metamorphosis of the already existing environment and furniture. The goal of the project was to transport the residents into a different world, where luxury is viewed from a non-standard angle.

The luxury of being yourself – the way you are – imperfect, diverse, with a rich palette of emotions – both positive and a little “crooked” and “scratchy”. The interior draws us into a story about the value of the natural, the return to nature and the natural feeling it brings to our lives. Many details peek out from behind the linen curtains – those that excite, speak, whisper and bring comfort. Details that challenge you to come closer to that feeling that you are enough, that you don’t need to be anything but your true self and feel relaxed in your own company.

120 sq.m
Photos & Video:
Georgi Milev
/Unbelievable Digital/
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