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интериорен дизайн на спалня от дизайнерски апартамент висока тапицирана табла на леглото в сиво сини пердета син килим

Execution of the interior for dreamers

We present to you the “AIR” project, which was developed and implemented in collaboration with architect Chavdara Nikolova from Decart architectural studio.

The apartment is located in the city of Varna, with an area of ​​100 sq.m. and consists of a corridor, a living area with a kitchen, a fitness area, a wet room, a ladies’ and a men’s bedroom – made entirely according to the wishes and needs of their residents.

Complete renovation and dream of a new, modern home.

This home was entrusted to us complete “turnkey” and we were assigned the task of transforming its outdated look into a modern and romantic “sound”.

The clients who handed over both the project and the realization unconditionally to us are French people with an elegant imagination that we had to bring to the interior of their residence.


Sea fairy tale.

The apartment is mostly executed in the cold range with turquoise accents, with which we make a reference to the sea panorama and the sky, which can be seen from the terrace of the apartment.

The interior balances eccentricity with minimalism. The elegant furnishings resonate completely with their owners, and the skillfully combined colors – with their distinguishing features. The residence creates a sense of personality and authenticity, while being synchronized with functionality and sustainability.

The main mission was to “paint” a restrained but interesting vision and a feeling of relaxation.


Living room with kitchen.

In order to realize the longings of our clients, we started with the removal of poor quality materials, removing the flooring in the living room and replacing it with high-end Spanish granite tiles. Their request was to create a “cool” look, which we achieved by combining turquoise accents with white and gray tones. We expressed the “cold” airiness through the materials used, including the technical stone, which is the basis of the countertop and the back of the kitchen. The glass coffee tables, the dining table, the glass console and the leather sofa in the living area contribute to the “clean” look we were aiming for. And the sandy-gray tiles are reminiscent of the seashore.

Photo: Before
Photo: After


A fitness corner in symbiosis with the dream closet.


A neat bedroom – for her and a stylish bedroom – for him.

The bedroom is where people find peace and inspiration. This is the space that we always design with great care and striving to achieve coziness and an atmosphere for a luxurious holiday. The beds in both bedrooms were created and made entirely from our idea to fit perfectly with our interior project.

For the women’s space, we bet on tenderness and subtlety. What’s interesting about this room is her dressing table, on which we printed a mandala, which perfectly matches the personality of its owner, who is a woman with spiritual views.

The main mission for “his” bedroom was to portray the individualism of its owner. In this room, the attention is drawn to the bed, which is not accidentally pushed forward, due to the architectural design, which includes a column that does not fit our view of style. To hide this unwanted element, we extended the headboard of the bed to the ceiling, and in the remaining depth, we made shelves like a bookcase with LED lights for a sophisticated look.


Wet room

The desire of our clients was to set aside a place for a hydromassage bath. Due to the limited space and the small square footage of the room, we made a slight structural change by expanding the room, taking away from the area of ​​the fitness corner. As we have mentioned more than once, we focus on functional layouts, which is exactly why we created a space above the bathroom with mirrored doors, behind which we “sheltered” the water heater, so that it does not sabotage the beautiful look of the wet room.

Photo: Before
Photo: After

Elegant result and happy owners

We are happy to say that the “AIR” project has undergone an interesting and memorable metamorphosis. We have achieved our clients’ wishes by combining them with our team’s contemporary views on interior design.

A sense of timelessness has permeated every corner of this apartment, and this has made its owners completely satisfied with the final result.

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